Company History

CMIT Solutions, Inc., has grown into the leading provider of IT solutions for small businesses by recognizing demand, harnessing the power of local offices run by entrepreneurs, and always staying ahead of the game with the most current proven technology solutions.

We started in the 1990s as a small IT services company that helped people operate their home computers. The company began franchising in 1997 and quickly grew.

But we soon saw that small businesses were attempting to adopt a range of technologies once available only to large companies. And when they failed, business owners fell back on expensive, inefficient “break-fix” solutions. They needed reliable, affordable, proactive IT help.

By 2002, small business, while making up only 20% of our customer base, accounted for 80% of our revenue. It was obvious which market offered the greatest opportunity, and in 2004, we formally changed our name to CMIT Solutions, Inc. (Completely Managed IT Solutions).


We began developing a line of managed services packages for our clients, starting with CMIT Marathon, a monitoring and maintenance program that includes proactive monitoring software, a 24/7 operations center staffed by network engineers, a help desk, and on-site support.

We’ve also developed CMIT Guardian for offsite data backup and disaster recovery and CMIT Anywhere for cloud computing. We adopted the managed services model because preventing system failures is better than reacting to them, and because business owners would rather pay predictable monthly rates for IT services than fork over periodic budget-busting expenses when the main server crashes.

Our president and CEO, Jeff Connally, a former IBM executive, joined our board in August 2005. A year later, Jeff became president and CEO, guiding a technology franchise company that’s expanded to 135 units run by 125 franchise partners. Our system is growing in both raw numbers and per-unit profit. We’ve experienced double-digit same-office sales revenue increases for the past four years, even in a recession.

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