Are You Prepared for the Future of Managed Services?

Welcome to the 11th issue of ignITe — a newsletter with facts, trends, and strategies for IT service providers serving small and medium-sized business (SMB) communities throughout the United States.

It’s undeniable that the IT industry is undergoing rapid change. Between managed services, data security, the cloud, Bring Your Own Device, and a new trend toward per-user (not per-device) management, it can be hard for independent IT providers to keep up.

Industry trade organization CompTIA revealed in their annual report released in March that only 40% of IT channel firms offer some degree of managed services. Of that 40%, only half describe themselves as dedicated MSPs — and only 2/3rds of that percentage derive more than half their annual revenue from managed services contracts.

Yet the potential for MSPs is vast. Research firm MarketsandMarkets predicts that the global market will grow from $143 billion in 2013 to $256 billion in 2018. And the top three factors driving managed services adoption among end-users — to improve security, to take a proactive approach to IT problems, and to have better uptime — should make any IT firm want to enter the MSP field of play.

Cindy Phillips, CMIT Solutions’ Chief Operating Officer and Director of Product Management, recently spoke with Todd Wolpert of Continuum about several of these trends. Below are some bullet points that highlight the changing nature of the IT industry. If you’re interested in learning more, you can listen to the full interview here. We hope these topics will pique your interest in learning more about the managed services model and how an organization like CMIT Solutions has perfected the combination of local customer service and national infrastructure.

  • There seems to be a shift to per-user as opposed to per-device management. CMIT’s clients are leading us in the direction of wanting a managed ecosystem: someone who can intelligently navigate the issue of what they should put in the cloud and how to manage this data and bring it all back to the business in a way that makes sense and protects the data.
  • The explosion of mobile devices explains the trend toward per-user management. Everyone now has 4+ devices — phone, PC, laptop, tablet — and these need to be managed in a cohesive environment. No one segregates their data by device, and access to that data is paramount. Clients want to get their email on each device, and IT firms need to offer holistic support when that client needs help.
  • Everyone talks about the cloud being strategic, but it is more of a hybrid environment. Some applications will be in the cloud and others will be on the local network infrastructure. Which cloud do we choose? What applications need to be in the cloud, and what need to be local? IT businesses need to prepare their end clients for this kind of hybrid migration strategy.
  • Another interesting takeaway was the stance on mobile device management. Many people are saying mobile device management is controversial and that few end clients want it, but looking at the marketplace, it’s clear that businesses really do need it. A gap exists between what clients acknowledge that they need and what IT firms are actually offering. Recognizing that gap will create a tremendous movement toward mobile device management in the next 12-18 months.
  • One of the truest mottos in politics is “All politics is local” — similarly, all IT is local. End clients want someone they can trust and count on for 24/7 support. If you own a small IT firm and an employee doesn’t show up for work one day, that takes a significant toll on your level of customer service. But if a local business has the power of a national system — help desks, technician networks, peer groups — behind it, that business can thrive.

Want to learn more about the evolving IT industry and how CMIT Solutions has positioned itself and its franchisees to deal with these changes? Contact us today so that we can have a conversation about whether your business is right for our system. We are looking for top talent to join our collaborative model with the goal of putting together high-performing business owners who can dominate the managed services market.

With over 139 units run by 125 franchise partners, CMIT Solutions is in the top 5% of Managed Service Providers (MSP) nationwide. We offer proactive, preventative IT solutions at an affordable price, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy superior service and support.

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