Ready to harvest the equity built up in your business?

CMIT Solutions wants to help you take the next step.

Welcome to this month’s issue of ignITe — a newsletter with facts, trends, and strategies for IT service providers serving small and medium-sized business (SMB) communities throughout the United States.

Whether you are ready today to harvest the equity you have built in your business, or you want to improve the financial picture in preparation for a future exit, read on:

The life cycle of a typical business consists of many steps: opportunity analysis, due diligence, the initial launch, the growth phase… But the one step that many business owners neglect is the final one: the exit strategy, when you have the opportunity to harvest the equity you’ve built up in your company.

At CMIT Solutions, we’re experts at helping IT Services business owners become profitable. We do this through the kind of franchisor-provided benefits that many independent business owners have to cover on their own. Below are three that we consider integral to business success — and that you should consider next time you assess your operations:

  1. Product development and partner management. We put in the hard yards to vet third-party vendors and their products so that our franchisees can concentrate on deploying our handpicked solutions to their clients. Ever tried to keep up with the plethora of new products, updates, and patches released by just one company like Microsoft? Leave that to us so you can spend more time giving your clients the service they deserve.
  2. Leveraged buying power. We negotiate hard on our franchisees’ behalf to secure the best possible price for the products we deploy. We’re buying on behalf of nearly 150 locations across North America, which means our cost structure is lower than most managed service providers. And those savings are passed on to our franchisees.
  3. Marketing and creative campaigns. CMIT delivers top-flight professional assets to our franchisees, including weekly QuickTips e-newsletters read by more than 100,000 subscribers, quarterly print and email campaigns, local and national branding, and targeted public relations outreach. Imagine if you had to pay for such services yourself, or find the time to try and create them while tending to your day-to-day business duties. If you’re in business for yourself, chances are you’re not marketing well — or spending too much money to do it.

All three points listed above lead to one conclusion: our cost structure is much lower than an independent IT company’s cost structure, which gives you the opportunity to be more profitable working in the CMIT system. Our revenue per headcount is in the top quartile of the franchise industry and well above most other MSPs. CMIT franchisees have P&Ls that look better than most independent businesses, which leads to a better valuation for their company, which brings us back to the final point in the franchisee life cycle: the exit strategy.

If you’ve ever thought about harvesting your equity, you know it takes significant time to plan for a positive exit. Consider joining the CMIT system so we can help you maximize efficiency and profitability. We have existing owners interested in acquiring local independent IT companies, along with motivated buyers considering CMIT as the next step in their career. We’ve had a number of successful re-sales already in 2015, with business owners getting a greater return on investment than many industry valuation experts predict.

Are you ready to sell now? Want to enhance the exit value of your company over the next few years? Whatever your desire, you deserve to harvest the equity you’ve built in your business. So contact us today. As a leading franchisor listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list, we have a built-in marketplace that can get you the cash out you deserve.

With nearly 150 units run by 125 franchise partners, CMIT Solutions ranks in the top 5% of Managed Service Providers (MSP) nationwide. We offer proactive, preventative IT solutions at an affordable price, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy superior service and support.

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