For 5th Straight Year, CMIT Solutions Earns World-Class Franchise Certification

Confidential survey by Franchise Research Institute yields top ratings in support, communication  for only World-Class tech franchise

CMIT Solutions Jeff ConnallyFor the fifth year in a row, CMIT Solutions has earned one of the most significant accolades you can get in the franchise industry.

We’re talking about World-Class Franchise certification from the Franchise Research Institute. Every year, the FRI ranks the top 25 U.S. franchise systems in the critical area of franchisee satisfaction, which the FRI considers the single most important factor in franchise system success. And again, just like last year, CMIT Solutions is the only technology company on the list.

“We’re very proud to have made this prestigious list for the fifth straight year,” says Jeff Connally, our president and CEO. “It reflects the work we’ve done over the years to build and nurture a strong relationship with our franchise partners, whose numbers are growing. The fact that we’re the only technology company on the list shows that our commitment to our partners enables them, and all of us, to succeed.”

The FRI’s FranSurvey results are so meaningful because they’re confidential, ensuring a level of candor you wouldn’t get from franchise partners who had to identify themselves. The survey draws broad participation, too — 76% of CMIT partners completed the survey, conducted in June.

The survey asked our franchise partners to rate the system through a series of questions on overall quality, growth potential, support, and communication. A positive response rate above 80% is considered exceptional. Among the responses:

  • 91% answered “strongly agree” or “agree” to the statement, “I am able to communicate directly and effectively with senior management.”
  • 89% gave a positive grade to collaboration among franchise partners.
  • 89% answered “strongly agree” or “agree” to the statement, “My franchisor and I are committed to a positive, long-term relationship.”
  • 85% rated CMIT’s overall quality “excellent,” “very good,” or “good.”

The numbers reflect the care we put into selecting and working with our franchisees. We’re not after raw numbers – we’re after quality. Our experience tells us that IT franchise partners are looking for a long-term commitment, not a food or retail franchise they can run for two or three years and sell. So CMIT Solutions is not a franchise system that’ll award a license to just anyone — and that careful approach pays off in the strong relationship between our home office in Austin and the franchise partners in cities across the nation.

“This is a thinking man’s franchise, and you’ve got to be on the ball more than you would in some other franchises,” says Sheri Vandermause, our Vice President of Franchise Development. “We look for someone who wants a challenge and loves business. It’s not just a passive, ‘put your money in and go’ operation. It’s for someone who really wants their hands in what they’re doing, which is making a difference for small businesses.”

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