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Delivering top-quality managed technology services to the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses is CMIT Solutions’ number-one priority. As a managed service provider in the top 5% of all MSPs in the US, CMIT’s large, visible presence commands clout in the industry. We believe the benefit of growth should rest in the hands of individual business owners. Therefore, CMIT chooses to deliver its services through the franchise model, allowing business owners to be close to clients and part of their local business community.

The Changing Industry

Though many of CMIT’s current franchises have been built from the ground up through the determination and hard work of owners new to the MSP business, a number of established independent IT shops and MSPs are increasingly joining the CMIT fold to leverage the benefits brought about by allying themselves with a national organization.

This reflects a larger upward trend in the MSP industry. As the IT demands of SMBs become increasingly complex, industry consolidation is occurring with increasing frequency. Staples acquired Thrive Technology in 2007, Best Buy snapped up Mindshift in 2011, and Konica Minolta purchased All Covered in 2011. Many smaller MSPs are merging with other local shops or joining franchise systems.

The Changing Marketplace

It makes sense. Independent IT shops operate in a crowded marketplace. Often, it’s difficult for independent MSPs to take advantage of the economies of scale enjoyed by larger operations — something those MSPs must possess in order to stay competitive.

Due to the increasingly complex and rapidly changing landscape of business technology, an ever-widening gap exists between what SMBs require in terms of IT support and what independent shops are able to provide. Furthermore, the very manner in which SMBs operate has undergone drastic changes in the last few years. SMBs have become increasingly savvy about the smart use of outsourced strategic partners and cutting-edge IT to drive efficiency, an evolution that allows companies to focus on their core business functions by farming out essential administrative and support duties to third-party providers.

The wisdom of such a model is evident. SMBs represent the only business segment to post a net increase in number of employees over the last five years — growth that’s enabled not by a booming economy but through improvements in operational efficiency.

Because of the inherent agility of smaller companies over larger ones and the increasing technological literacy of the general population, SMBs are also new early adopters of emerging, cost-effective tools like cloud and mobile computing. They’re not afraid of new tech – in fact, they desperately crave it. They just need someone to provide guidance.

That someone is you.

The Wisdom of Partnering with CMIT

By partnering with CMIT Solutions, YOU retain ownership of your business, YOU maintain control of how you run it, and YOU benefit from the business’s value as an appreciable asset. It’s still YOUR business.

CMIT’s complementary model takes care of the aspects of your business that benefit most from economies of scale, allowing you to focus on the aspects of the business in which your strengths and interests lie.

As the owner of an MSP or IT services shop, you’ve been handling all aspects of the business – not just the things related to IT. You’re the marketing department, the brand manager, the product developer, the process engineer, the lead generation specialist, head of technical support, and far more.

CMIT provides franchisees with numerous fully developed resources, both technical and non-technical, such as:

  • Marketing & Branding

Effective marketing is an area where independent IT providers often struggle. How do you differentiate your business from others in your local market? When a business owner needs IT services, how do you position yourself so that you’re the trusted consultant that business owner calls first? Putting “AAA” in front of your company name so it’s the first listing in the Yellow Pages doesn’t cut it any more.

CMIT employs a full-time staff of dedicated, experienced marketers that provide services including communications management, branding, messaging, online development, SEO optimization, graphic design, public relations, copywriting/editing/blogging, and strategy. The marketing department develops and delivers campaigns designed to identify opportunities in your area. Content includes seasonal campaigns, a full-color quarterly print newsletter, weekly tech-focused “QuickTip” emails, product rollout support, sales collateral, online content (including social media), and more — all designed to reinforce the message that CMIT Solutions is the country’s premiere Trusted Technology Advisor to the SMB market.

  • Sales Support

CMIT’s sales methodology is based on the proven Sandler Sales model. Our sales system emphasizes building relationships, gaining trust, and fulfilling real needs – not the traditional cold-calling, transactional sales process many of us view as offensive and unprofessional. You will receive extensive coaching in the CMIT sales system during your two-week franchisee training in Austin. As a CMIT franchise partner, you will have access to an experienced sales coach, online training, webinars, and the collective wisdom of other franchise owners in the CMIT system.

In addition, our sales training focuses on the long-term business relationship and proven techniques to claim larger wallet share and protect your relationship from vendors coming in the “side door.”

  • Product Development

CMIT’s Product Strategy department in the Home Office develops products and services with compelling value propositions for our SMB clients. We leverage technology breakthroughs, market intelligence, alliance partners, and the day-to-day needs of our local offices to provide our franchisees with a steady stream of innovative and profitable offerings. Our Director of Product Management employs a proven multi-faceted approval process that incorporates market research, testing, financial qualification of partners, negotiated rates, service-level agreements (SLAs), franchisee feedback, and field pilots. Every service offering in the CMIT portfolio has full documentation, marketing, pricing recommendations, and escalation instructions.

  • Centralized Back-Office Support Systems

As the owner of an IT or MSP company, you should be focused on growing and running your business, not updating anti-virus software and formatting hard drives. As a CMIT partner, you and your clients benefit from a centralized help desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) with more than 500 engineers, internal IT support, marketing, CRM and sales systems, ticketing and invoicing systems, Chart of Accounts, and more.

  • The Purchasing Power and Negotiating Leverage of a Large Organization

CMIT has negotiated rates from our partners that are significantly lower than what can be found on the open market. Additionally, as a member of Dell’s PartnerDirect Premier network, your clients are able to purchase hardware through you at a discounted rate. These advantages result in not just lower prices for your clients but higher margins for you. We leverage the power of more than 135 nationwide offices in negotiating with partners to get our franchisees and clients top-level services, agreements, pricing, and referrals.

Start a Conversation with CMIT

We’re interested in partnering with intelligent, successful owners of independent IT companies and MSPs who wish to grow their business to the next level. We aspire to enlighten you on the consolidation that the industry is already undergoing and help you identify options to maximize your return on investment.

We can help you determine what your existing business is really worth, what it might be worth in the future, and, more importantly, where you want to be in the future.

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