Tired of Burning the Midnight Oil?

Are you running a small IT shop delivering service to small businesses with less than 100 employees? If so, then you know all about burning the midnight oil. Face it: you’re responsible for everything from ordering new equipment to resetting user passwords to making sure data backups really work. Meanwhile, you’re under constant pressure to acquire new clients while wondering how your staff will handle the additional load. And if one key technical resource decides to leave, well, then all bets are off.

Sound familiar?

It should.  All too many small managed service providers (MSPs) struggle to find the sweet spot where staffing equals demand and revenues exceed costs. Unfortunately, revenue and workload don’t arrive in neat packages that match your capacity or ability to deliver. And if you rely on break/fix business, then you know first-hand how month-to-month workload swings can impact your ability to meet customer expectations.

Do you have to live this way? Burning the midnight oil just to keep up? Missing important family events? Never being able to keep your promises to the most important people in your life because your business won’t let you?

What if there was a better way?

What if you could create a system that enabled you to grow your business’ annual revenues by 50-100% in 18 months? What if you could achieve that type of growth without adding more technicians or cost? What would that mean to your business? What would it mean to your life?

Barbara-Adams-computersAsk Barbara Adams. Barbara and her partner, Milton, ran a successful MSP in Florida for seven years. But they were getting tired of the grind. Three years in a row, they maintained the same gross revenues – never getting ahead, never growing their business. Barbara decided there must be a better way, and she set out to find it. She didn’t want to create a new system; instead, she wanted to find a better one and immediately start using it to generate revenue. That clear desire drew her to CMIT Solutions.

Why CMIT Solutions?

Barbara realized the mix of strong back-office support systems coupled with excellent products and world-class centralized marketing offered her new answers to old questions. Instead of relying on her own technicians to handle simple tasks (e.g. resetting passwords), she leveraged the CMIT Help Desk. She transitioned her clients to CMIT Marathon and leveraged the expertise of over 750 technical resources in the network operations center (NOC) by implementing escalation rules that improved her quality of service and allowed her to offer premium service-level agreement (SLA) response. Predictably, her clients loved it.

Another advantage that Barbara exploited is the mastermind groups within the CMIT Solutions Franchise network. Each month, Barbara participates in a call with peers who use the exact same infrastructure and systems that she uses. So when she has a problem and needs answers, the recommendations she receives from her peers are precise. She’s able to learn from their experiences and replicate their successes. One of the strongest aspects of the CMIT Solutions network is the way this business management expertise is freely shared between the individually owned and operated locations.

Partnering with CMIT Solutions provides countless competitive advantages to help you grow your business. We provide you with numerous fully developed resources, both technical and non-technical, including marketing and branding, sales support, product development, centralized systems, and the purchasing power and negotiating leverage of a large organization.

We’re interested in partnering with intelligent, successful owners of independent IT companies who want to stop burning the midnight oil and start growing their business to the next level.

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